CTA Bargaining Platform

The CTA is in the midst of bargaining. We have approached it in a ground breaking way. We spent the spring of 2015 talking with our teachers about three questions

What brings you joy in the work you do with students?

What sucks the life and joy out of the work that you do with students?

What can we propose through bargaining that will bring back some joy and reduce some stress?

From these conversations, we developed a platform. The platform describes the kind of education that we want to provide to our students and the conditions that teachers need in order to provide this kind of education. It has 3 themes, Time for Teaching and Learning, Professional Dignity and Equity. In essence, it is a visionary document that expresses Concord educators’ aspiration for the schools our children deserve. From this document we have developed proposals that we have brought to the negations table. The School Committee agreed to have the bargaining sessions be open to anyone that either party invites. The Concord Journal ran a good article on it.

 The Concord Teachers Association (CTA) offers you our platform. We see it as a living document that we hope can evolve into a vision shared by the community of Concord. We have begun community outreach efforts. Please contact a teacher that you know or the CTA via Face Book and/or email at https://www.facebook.com/concordteachers/.

CTA Bargaining Platform April 2015  CTAPlatformApril2015.pdf

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